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How To Guarantee That Your College Admissions Essay Stands Out

Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Most college applications will require you to write an admissions essay. Your essay will be read by admissions officers who read thousands of other applications and essays. To guarantee that your essay stands out in a positive way, be sure to do the following: 1. Choose Your Topic Carefully The four most popular types of essay questions allow you to reflect on yourself, your passions, the school, and your intellectual curiosity. You usually have a choice between at least two of such essay prompts. When you make your selection, choose carefully. These prompts, while personal, can easily produce redundant, dull essays if you are too general. Select whichever prompt you have a more interesting answer to, even if you think the topic is less impressive. For instance, if the topics you have to choose from are “write about your favorite...

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