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Tips For Getting Your Child Into Private School

When it comes to choosing the right education for your child, it is important to consider multiple options. The two main options include public school and private school. For many parents and kids, private school offers a lot more benefits. One benefit is that the teachers in private schools have more expertise and education than teachers in public schools. Around 70% to 80% of teachers in the private schools have a master’s or terminal degree. Additionally, because of the great education, there is more achievement within the private school setting. In fact, 88% of private high school students will apply to college over 57% of public high school students. Just because you want your child to go to a private school, doesn’t mean they will automatically get in. Here are some tips to help your child increase their chances of being accepted to a private school.

Parental Involvement

Getting into a private school does not only fall on the shoulders of the child. Instead, the parents are required to put in some effort and work as well. Many private schools want to see that the parents are engaged in their child’s education and are willing to help out when needed. There has been quite a bit of research done on the impact a parent has when they are involved in their child’s schooling. Not only does it affect the child, but it also has a positive impact on the school and community as well, according to research. Whether it is signing up to help with a fundraiser, attending parent teacher conferences, or volunteering inside the classroom, it is crucial that you show you are willing to help out. 

Research and Understand the School’s Mission

Many private schools will hold interviews when determining if the child is the right fit for the school. During this interview, your child may not be the only one given questions. It is important to understand the history, mission, and motto of the school so that they know you really do want your child to attend that school. Not only is it important to know this in case you are asked, but it is also important that you understand what the school is about before your child applies to attend. 

Hire an Admissions Consultant

Nowadays, getting into a particular school can be very competitive. It can make the difference between your child attending an ivy league college and maybe not attending college at all. In an effort to increase your child’s chances of getting into a school, you may want to consider hiring an admissions consultant. Their job is to prepare you and your child for the process and help increase your chances of acceptance. They can also give you feedback about the school, competitiveness, programs, and more.