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3 Things You Should Consider While Taking Practice TOEFL Exams

If you are planning to take the TOEFL exam, one of the best studying techniques you can use is to take several practice exams. This will help you become familiar with the format of the exam and prepare you for the types of questions you will be asked to answer during the exam. While simply taking several practice exams can be helpful, they will be more helpful if you think critically about the sample exams while you take them. Here are three things that you should pay attention to in order to get the most out of your practice TOEFL exams. 

The Timing of the Exam 

The TOEFL is a timed exam, and each section is timed separately. When you take practice exams, you should make sure that you time yourself. If you find that you are often running out of time before you answer all of the questions, you may want to break up your time further. For example, for the the reading section, you may want to set how much time you have to read a passage, how much time you have to answer each question, and how much time you have to review your work. This way you will make sure to answer all of the questions during the exam. 

Types of Questions You Struggle With 

When you are correcting your answers on a practice exam you should not only look up the correct answers, but also look for patterns in the type of questions you get wrong. For example, perhaps you get the questions that ask for the best replacement words wrong. Then you may want to study synonyms more. Alternatively, if you often get questions about themes and main ideas wrong, you will know to spend slightly more time on those questions during your exam. 

Methods for Eliminating Answers

Taking written and oral exams requires test-taking skills beyond an understanding of the material in the exam. For example, knowing how to eliminate answers and make the best guess for a question may often be helpful if you are uncertain of an answer. It is important to look at all of the answers in sample questions and practice eliminating answers, even when you know the correct answer, as this will prepare you for questions that you might not know the answer to. 

Practice tests can be an important study tool. However, you have to know how to utilize the practice tests efficiently and learn from them if you want them to help you prepare for your actual exam. Contact a service like BestMyTest toefl online practice for more help.