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FAQ About Online Tutoring Services

Does your teenager seem to be falling behind in school? If you are worried that he or she may not make it to the next grade level, you might want to consider hiring a tutor. He or she can receive services from a tutor online, which can be beneficial in several ways. This article covers questions that you might want answers for before investing in online tutoring services for your teenager.

Will There Be a Set Schedule?

The great thing about online tutoring is that your teen will not be restricted to a set schedule. For instance, if your teen is involved in extracurricular activities, he or she will be able to adjust the tutoring times around his or her schedule. An online tutor is typically able to assist at various times of the day, but this also depends on the specific service that you opt for.

How Does Interaction with the Tutor Take Place?

There are various techniques used by online tutors for interacting with students. Your teen will be able to receive training by attending live sessions that include the tutor using an online whiteboard. The whiteboard can be used for making graphs, solving equations, and doing anything else that is typically taught via the whiteboards in schools. Your teen can also interact with the tutor via video calls, text messaging, and exchanging documents as email attachments.

Can Multiple Online Tutors Be Hired?

You don’t have to rely on just one tutor to teach your teen the subjects that he or she has fallen behind in. There will be tutors available that specialize in specific subjects. By opting for individual tutors with specialized skills, your teen might receive a higher quality of training than just the basics of each subject.

How Does an Online Tutor Charge for Services?

Paying for online tutoring services can be done using a few different methods, but the specific price charge will vary. The methods used will depend on the company that your teen receives tutoring from. Many of the services will charge an hourly rate that is based on the skills that the tutors have, such as how much education they have obtained. There are also tutoring services available that will allow you to pay by the session, while other services offer packages that can be paid for on a monthly basis. Get in touch with an online tutoring service such as Academic Advantage Tutoring LLC so your teen can receive the help that he or she needs.