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How Christian Schools Provide a Christ-centered Education for Your Children

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Like many people today, you might be concerned about the environment of the world in which we live. While it’s true that many students receive a quality education in public schools, perhaps you have decided that you want to select a school that will support the things that you are teaching your children at home. Attending Christian schools can be exactly what you are looking for for your children. The Foundation – At Christian schools, scholastics are only part of the focus. Christlike values are also emphasized throughout the day. A typical day begins with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and an overview of the agenda for the day. An honor code is an important aspect of any Christ-centered school, as cheating and stealing are not accepted. In fact, the Ten Commandments that were given by Jesus Christ are...

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How To Guarantee That Your College Admissions Essay Stands Out

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Most college applications will require you to write an admissions essay. Your essay will be read by admissions officers who read thousands of other applications and essays. To guarantee that your essay stands out in a positive way, be sure to do the following: 1. Choose Your Topic Carefully The four most popular types of essay questions allow you to reflect on yourself, your passions, the school, and your intellectual curiosity. You usually have a choice between at least two of such essay prompts. When you make your selection, choose carefully. These prompts, while personal, can easily produce redundant, dull essays if you are too general. Select whichever prompt you have a more interesting answer to, even if you think the topic is less impressive. For instance, if the topics you have to choose from are “write about your favorite...

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Sticky Situations: Four Driving Experiences That Should Be Part Of Your Teenager’s Driving Lessons

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Driving lessons are something that every teenager (and parent) must endure before finally being rewarded with the greatest ticket to freedom. Yes, that means the driver’s license. Each state has different requirements for when driving lessons may begin and what should be taught. But, no matter what state you live in, there are some driving situations that all teenagers should experience before getting their license. 4 Important Driving Situations to Experience During Lessons Inclement Weather: Regardless of where you live, at some time your teen will drive in inclement weather. This may mean rainstorms, snow, strong winds, fog, or ice. Every teenager needs to tackle these hazardous driving conditions with an experienced adult the first time. Knowing about braking safely, driving defensively, and how to use the car’s controls properly are important before they tackle the same situation alone....

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Do You Provide Child Care? 6 Ways to Help Reduce the Spread of Germs

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If you run a daycare, you know how important it is to keep germs under control, especially during cold and flu season. It’s impossible to remove all the germs from a play area but it is possible to reduce the spread of those sickness causing germs. Take a look at a few ways you can help prevent the spread of sickness in your daycare facility. Open Windows at Least Once a Day Closed spaces provide the perfect environment for germs to thrive. Try to open your windows at least once a day. This will allow fresh air to circulate through the facility, and will help get rid of the germs. Provide Separate Cubicles for Personal Items When children place all of their personal items together in one central location, germs can transfer from one surface to another. Provide each...

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